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2 mai 2021



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Omario henry
Omario henry 10 minutit tagasi
Ngl that forehead is shining
JuniorCapalot 27 minutit tagasi
In Your album or next single you should make a song similar to “noob” in Disstracktions.
Ok Ay
Ok Ay 31 minut tagasi
waiting for the day when ksi moves onto to laffing to r/ksi discord memes ;-;
Hammer Time
Hammer Time 39 minutit tagasi
Jake Paul got punched
Pratham Mehta
Pratham Mehta Tund tagasi
Waiting for the reaction video from jj
Alexander Day
Alexander Day Tund tagasi
If Paul lands a punch I'll eat my socks.
Harbor__crip Tund tagasi
11:02 to 12:17🤣🤣🤣🤣
Parth Ghuge
Parth Ghuge Tund tagasi
Stop at 0:35 something's wrong
tasker_989 Tund tagasi
Nichaya (Fynn) Charoenpanichsiri
7:54 Your still fat JJ
Omar Belhouna
Omar Belhouna Tund tagasi
Imagine nico says shush Aged well
Simcoe Hip-Hop Association
JAKE PAUL 🤣😂 Got finessed by those bodyguards
IndianBRO21 Tund tagasi
Your computer has virus. Subscribe to run a Scan
Yash Tund tagasi
"I dont condone this"... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
IDRX PAVOL 2 tundi tagasi
Ummm feb 25th 2021 it’s already been that or this was made ages ago and he posted it
IDRX PAVOL Tund tagasi
@Quix ayt then
Quix 2 tundi tagasi
2022 😊
Yash 2 tundi tagasi
Wasnt Feb 25th 2021 before this video was posted?
Quix 2 tundi tagasi
It got transferred to 2022😆
Lassom 2 tundi tagasi
0:34 Februari the 25th 2021 too bad I missed it
Dionne Pekkan
Dionne Pekkan 2 tundi tagasi
Mans got a shit out his ars
genataa 03
genataa 03 2 tundi tagasi
FEB 25th is on 2022 not 2021
justlucky 2 tundi tagasi
YoStepPops 2 tundi tagasi
Malek Bakkar BB
Malek Bakkar BB 2 tundi tagasi
Yoo who else waiting for him to react to Jake getting beat up by Mayweather for taking his hat off😂
Quix Tund tagasi
Ya know big ting yeah
Blanky 2 tundi tagasi
cant wait for it
Solanatessa Hansell
Solanatessa Hansell 2 tundi tagasi
0:36 it has passed feb 25 2021.....🖤
Matt Terra
Matt Terra 3 tundi tagasi
Whats the songs from the video of his real laugh
TZz_ ldn
TZz_ ldn 3 tundi tagasi
Floyd banged up jake 😂😂😂😂
Quix Tund tagasi
The bodyguards did
bad_vibes_only_14 2 tundi tagasi
Bro honestly jake literally acts like he stands a chance when he don't
David Varga
David Varga 3 tundi tagasi
"When i was fat??" Does he think hes skinny now?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Unknow Account
Unknow Account 4 tundi tagasi
Can u react to logan vs floyde press
RABBIT LEGEND 728 4 tundi tagasi
Srimukh Mamidi
Srimukh Mamidi 4 tundi tagasi
uk u made a best meme when ksi down votes it
Rick Griffin
Rick Griffin 4 tundi tagasi
I’m high and this is dumb
Logan Kolssak
Logan Kolssak 4 tundi tagasi
my man needs to get in on $BONFIRE
Lara Nasreddine
Lara Nasreddine 4 tundi tagasi
Hola is hello in spanish
t m
t m 4 tundi tagasi
couldn't tell if the laughs at the end were him or the edited video😂
Fluffys_ Daddy
Fluffys_ Daddy 4 tundi tagasi
No needs a raise
Tikras Sarkazmas
Tikras Sarkazmas 4 tundi tagasi
Aluzay 4 tundi tagasi
Waiting for the new reddit video. Jake paul getting beaten up by floyd
Senzu Grower420
Senzu Grower420 5 tundi tagasi
I cannot wait for you to make a vid on Jake and Floyd's altercation 😂😂😂
Isaac Zapata
Isaac Zapata 5 tundi tagasi
For fuck sake jj
DaTa 5 tundi tagasi
Lukas 5 tundi tagasi
Am I the only one who noticed that JJ didn't actually beat the mirror, even with the editing?
little ps5 gamer
little ps5 gamer 5 tundi tagasi
jj please react to dear mom daxs song. who want this leave a like on the comment so he can see it
Instagram Makbandzzz
Instagram Makbandzzz 5 tundi tagasi
Anything_Workz605 5 tundi tagasi
Haha this guy talking shit about the “white long leg guy” as if that isn’t racist. That guy literally rocked your world. Ksi who? Gtfoh 🤣🤣. You weird laughing ass troll.
Toby Matter
Toby Matter 5 tundi tagasi
Ksi: one I was fat: Me: and you stil are
Dirty DAN!
Dirty DAN! 5 tundi tagasi
Ksi just mad that Logan and jake are doing bigger and better things than him
Quix Tund tagasi
?? Wym
Julian Carranza
Julian Carranza 5 tundi tagasi
Bro ksi I just saw jake paul get hit bye mayweather and he was crying
Its_ya_boi _
Its_ya_boi _ 5 tundi tagasi
When JJ makes a "f" sound in every word he says🤣
Rain 5 tundi tagasi
0:22 Look at them lips jiggle
CSS X 6 tundi tagasi
i gatcha hat
EIWP 1 6 tundi tagasi
Vikram Nithyanandam
Vikram Nithyanandam 6 tundi tagasi
where'd the subtitles go?
Mason Warnick
Mason Warnick 6 tundi tagasi
I like how he looks in a mirror to saying that guy is fat in a matter of 60 seconds
Carti ssimo
Carti ssimo 6 tundi tagasi
Morpheus and neo neorpheus
Shrut Silakari
Shrut Silakari 6 tundi tagasi
Its said February the 25th, 2021?? So JJ can timetravel now?
The Cat Strikes Back733
I always have an inner me thinking he'll say ddduuuuhhhh in his intros
@ksi new video Jake and Maywerry
Daily Gaming
Daily Gaming 6 tundi tagasi
logan boutta get his shit rocked
mewtwo fan 0001 mc
mewtwo fan 0001 mc 6 tundi tagasi
Bro did lord fatneek die!?! He hasn’t uploaded in 4 days
PantherX 4 tundi tagasi
He should upload today
Nova Campbell
Nova Campbell 6 tundi tagasi
If Logan Paul beats Floyd Mayweather then technically you're a better boxer than both of them
Introverted Heart
Introverted Heart 7 tundi tagasi
I will now be a clown to pay to watch this
Gaming with Deejay
Gaming with Deejay 7 tundi tagasi
July 16 is my birthday
Gabriel Wilson
Gabriel Wilson 7 tundi tagasi
Gotcha hat
Omar Gamboa
Omar Gamboa 7 tundi tagasi
Make a video on what happened today with Floyd and jake and Logan plz !!
Juliën Somotaroeno
Juliën Somotaroeno 7 tundi tagasi
Yo JJ Big fan man. just wanted to ask have you seen the brawl between Jake Pale and Floyd Mayweather. Big up man from Suriname
tempus 7 tundi tagasi
When I WAS fat???
Diego Preciado
Diego Preciado 7 tundi tagasi
i could listen to ksi saying patatas fritas for days
SirSammy YT
SirSammy YT 8 tundi tagasi
I can’t tell the difference between the laugh in the music video and JJs laugh
Viventius Cuyugan
Viventius Cuyugan 8 tundi tagasi
he dead bro no cap
sergio vilca
sergio vilca 8 tundi tagasi
I can’t wait for jj to react to Floyd and jp lmaooo
Karthik Pratheep
Karthik Pratheep 8 tundi tagasi
Someone plz put Jake getting slapped up by Floyd Mayweather on JJ’s reddit
IVDrazzyyyIV 8 tundi tagasi
Ksi react to the floyd and jake paul fight hahah
Samuel Gizaw
Samuel Gizaw 8 tundi tagasi
Anyone here after the Jake Mayweather brawl, can't wait to see JJ's reaction when he wakes up in England time😂
Kyle Fleming
Kyle Fleming 8 tundi tagasi
I can't wait for him to react to the interview with Logan and Floyd, that's gonna be funny af
Abhison Adhikari
Abhison Adhikari 7 tundi tagasi
Tristian McLeod
Tristian McLeod 8 tundi tagasi
I like how you try to sit here and make a funny video out of this but won’t even fight Jake or anyone else for that fact lmao
Jordan Wolhuter
Jordan Wolhuter 8 tundi tagasi
Feb 25 2021 is passed though
Kubas 8 tundi tagasi
8:35 i really thought that to see jj without the bandana is as rare as to see kakashi without his mask
Wolf assassin gamer
Wolf assassin gamer 8 tundi tagasi
KSI react to the Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather
MissInfinity 8 tundi tagasi
Please react to jake paul getting clapped by floyd!!
rednekk67 8 tundi tagasi
Dude i didn't think jjs forehead was that fucking big
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 8 tundi tagasi
Boxing is becoming a joke!
XTENCIONCORD 9 tundi tagasi
Mo is playing with fire
Npc I'm knot
Npc I'm knot 9 tundi tagasi
logan just lost becuase of jake lol.. took all the spotlight away.
Burger Man
Burger Man 9 tundi tagasi
Ksi needs to start fighting soon Bc jake is staying active which gives him the advantage. Jane has another fight in September. Ksi hasn’t fought on almost 2 years
Luke C.
Luke C. 9 tundi tagasi
I wish floyd knew the guy who beat logan😂😂
Random- Imposters
Random- Imposters 9 tundi tagasi
React to jake Paul vs May Weather
Mehran1up 9 tundi tagasi
It’s Niko not neeeko
Papi Sicarioo
Papi Sicarioo 9 tundi tagasi
Floyd just realized he put him self in a circus-mess🤡🤡
David broadchat
David broadchat 9 tundi tagasi
feb 25th 2021 already gone tho.........
Shomie 9 tundi tagasi
8:34 When ur mom comes to check up on you but she stays in there for a cool hour Pause the video to get the joke😂😂
Adil Chowdhury
Adil Chowdhury 9 tundi tagasi
So anyone seen the press conference between Mayweather and Logan? Then Jake tried to steal Floyds hat and got his ass beat 😂😂😂😂
Adil Chowdhury
Adil Chowdhury 8 tundi tagasi
@DW 19 You reckon it will happen?
DW 19
DW 19 9 tundi tagasi
Now I want to see Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather lol.
DW 19
DW 19 9 tundi tagasi
@Adil Chowdhury facts! He totally deserves it 🤣🤣🙌🏼
Adil Chowdhury
Adil Chowdhury 9 tundi tagasi
@DW 19 He deserved to get beaten up or embarrassed like that. He did this to himself acting like a wannabe fighter and trying to start shit with actual fighters
DW 19
DW 19 9 tundi tagasi
Yes 😂
Stoney Gamers
Stoney Gamers 9 tundi tagasi
Anyone else notice he says February 25th 2021 😅 like whatttttttt 🤪🤣
Gael Jimenez
Gael Jimenez 9 tundi tagasi
8:36 Mo, you’ve done well, you’ve done well.
That One Dude
That One Dude 10 tundi tagasi
jj you where never fat
SAS CONSTRUCTION 10 tundi tagasi
you still around
Withersuit 10 tundi tagasi
The album comes out two days before my birthday I’m excited
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze 10 tundi tagasi
Who else came here to see if ksi made a vid on jake and mayweather
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze 10 tundi tagasi
@Dhruv Pandey allie😂
Dhruv Pandey
Dhruv Pandey 10 tundi tagasi
gotcha hat. Bruh wtf was that
Dhruv Pandey
Dhruv Pandey 10 tundi tagasi
dxj 10 tundi tagasi
Mo is a god
Trey smith
Trey smith 10 tundi tagasi
POV jake Paul fans dislike the video
Marco Jimenez
Marco Jimenez 10 tundi tagasi
He's releasing the album on mt b day
Slug Round 245
Slug Round 245 10 tundi tagasi
Ksi react to jake Paul getting a black eye by mayweather
I met KSI in real life...
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